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"Impeccable work ethic, undeniable talent and unwavering determination. All traits of the remarkable visionary and artist, Caleb "C4Play" Albarado.

- Alagata Studios -

A reformed bad boy, C4Play’s suave and dapper demeanor is complimented with the perfect amount of edge to make him desirable by any demographic.


Creating his unique sound with smooth, fast to mid-tempo lyrics, various melodic octaves, and an ear for composing C4Play exhibits his exceeding potential to become an international icon. C4Play spends a majority of his time in his home studio writing, engineering, and coming up with new innovative ways to expand his brand. A perfectionist, who expects nothing less than pristine quality from promotional materials to his stage presence. C4Play is an entertainer and an artist who strives to present his art in the best way possible.


As a writer, there is no limit for this artist for he has written for many genres including Afro-Pop, Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, and Reggaetón. From high energy club vibes, innocent love story’s, to the most erotic of stories, C4Play can paint the canvas to any song with his impeccable imagery and style of writing.

C4Play's "Excuse My Dapper" 6 track EP is the perfect example of how versitle he is, The visuals are set to release exclusively on


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